Frequently Asked Questions

Barnsley Museums is responsible for five sites. Some of the objects from the collections at Cannon Hall Museum, the Cooper Gallery and Experience Barnsley (including Barnsley Archives) can be found on this catalogue. The site of each object/item is noted on each catalogue record. Some of the answers to our frequently asked questions differ slightly for Barnsley Museums and Barnsley Archives. Please note during the Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to operate as normal and some of the answers to questions may differ from those displayed below during this time.

Q. Can I get further information about items in the collections?
A. Museums and Archives: the record for each object/item should provide you with relevant information about the title, maker, date and size of the object as well as some general information. Further information can be provided on request. If you can use the object/item reference number from the record with your enquiry this will make the process easier.

Q. Can I see items from the collections?
A. Museums: some items are on display and others are in storage. Those items on display can be seen during the normal opening hours of the museum in question. Items in storage can be seen for research and study purposes by appointment only.
A. Archives: yes, in most cases, although access to some documents is restricted due to data protection legislation. Information on whether an item has restricted access is noted on the catalogue record. We also advise you to give us advance notice of your visit if you want to see archival material. To view an item in person we ask visitors to register as a user on their first visit and follow some simple guidelines in order to explore the many records we look after. This is to help us keep the unique documents secure and safe. We ask that you bring along two forms of identification which include your name and address: a driving licence, passport, council tax or other bill, for example.

Q. Is there a charge for any of these services?
A. Museums: there is no charge to provide further information about an object or to arrange to see it. There is sometimes a fee to use images of the objects. Extended research projects may incur some costs.
A. Archives: there is no charge to view our collections. We do offer a copying service, with copies of documents being supplied in either hard copy or digital format. Charges will be detailed and explained by staff during any enquiry. Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to supply copies of all documents we hold. Other documents cannot be copied because of their condition. Please contact us for further details and to discuss your requirements.

Q. What do I do if I have relevant information about objects and items in the collections?
A. Museums and Archives: we welcome additional information about our collections. If you have relevant information about an object/item in our collections, please contact us.

Q. How long will it take to arrange to see an object or archival document?
A. Museums: once you have made contact our museum staff will arrange an appointment for you. This could take a few weeks depending upon their availability.
A. Archives: usually we recommend contacting us at least the day before your visit in order for staff to check to see that items are available. Some items may be unavailable due to being on display, booked by another visitor to view or have restricted access due to data protection legislation.

Q. Can I use images of the collections?
A. Museums and Archives: the images on the catalogue records are for reference only and are low resolution. Good quality digital images of the objects can be provided. If the image is for a commercial project there will be a fee associated with the reproduction. In all instances Barnsley Museums must be credited for the reproduction of the image.

Q. Do all objects have good quality images?
A. Museums: we are slowly working through the photography of the collections and some items do not currently have high quality digital images available. If you want an image of a specific object contact us for further information.
A. Archives: we do not routinely photograph archival documents for this website; however, we do have a comprehensive photographic collection relating to the Barnsley borough. Please contact us for further information.

Q. Can I borrow an object from the collections?
A. Museums and Archives: museums, galleries and other appropriate institutions may be able to borrow items from the collections for display or research purposes. Please contact us for further details.